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We have come with 1 day Workshop based on Arduino and Robotics.

Our three part workshop series is designed to be a perfect introduction to the world of Arduino based microcontrollers. The curriculum is designed for students from Grade 7th onwards. Our first two workshops in this series is about getting started and orienting yourself with Arduino.

There are no robotics involved in these workshops, but it is an amalgamation of activities that unlocks the hidden features of the Arduino development board to the students. The objective of these workshops would be to completely familiarize students, firstly with the board (Arduino Uno), secondly setting up the IDE (Independent Development Environment), thirdly I/O operations and serial communications, and finally how to interface various analogue loads such as sensors and digital outputs such as motors.

In the third workshop, we start building robots, using the Arduino as a development platform. In this workshops we build an Obstacle Avoider Robot. This workshop is all about interfacing sensors with the Arduino and developing programming logic that will control the Arduino, hence a buildup on top of the first and second workshops.

Arduino in its usage is diverse. Thus to completely familiarise a student with this board, which is to say, to cover all the bases that is required to get to the robotics prototyping level would require such a program. It would be extremely difficult and not at all advisable to finish it off quickly in one or two workshops.

Workshop 1 : Arduino intro with Programming 

  • Understanding Development Boards (Hardware) : Introduction to Arduino
  • Understanding Electronics 101
    • Resistance
    • Capacitance
    • Inductance
    • Transistors
    • Diodes
    • Prototyping with a Breadboard
  • Development Boards (Software) : Introduction to Arduino IDE
    • Coding in Text Rich Editors
      • Activities
    • Coding Ethics 101
  • Working with Pins
    • Reading and Writing Digital Input/Output Pins
      • Activities
    •  Playing with Pulse Width Modulation
      • Activities
    •  Reading and Writing Analog Input Pins
      • Activities
  • Interfacing some analogue sensors
    • Activities
  • Syntax Rules & Troubleshooting
    • Topics Covered : Structures, Classes, Variables, Loops, Data Types, Arithmetic Functions, Flow Control, Digital/Analog I/O etc.

Workshop 2 : Diving Deep with Arduino

  • Understanding Electronics 102
    • Shift Registers
    • Encoders & Decoders
    • Motor Drivers
  • Activity : Making a working LED Display
    • Making the Circuit
    • Code Review
      • Syntax Rules & Troubleshooting
  • Activity : Making a Motor Driver Circuit
    • Making a Driver Circuit
    • Code Review
      • Syntax Rules & Troubleshooting
  • Activity : Making a H-Bridge
    • Designing a H-Bridge Circuit
    • Making the Bridge Circuit
    • Controlling the Bridge Circuit
      • Code Review
        • Syntax Rules & Troubleshooting
  • Activity : Interfacing the H-Bridge with  a Sensor
    • Various Types of Sensors
    • Focus : Ultrasonic Range Finder
      • Details of its Workings
      • How to Control the Motor Circuit with Sensor readings
        • Electrical Connections
        • Code Review
  • Coding Ethics 102

Workshop 3 : Let’s make an Arduino Robot

  • Using a Motor Driver Shield with Arduino
    • Arduino Shields : Shield V3, Adafruit Motor Driver
    • Coding Differences
  • Mechanical Assembly
    • Mechanical Build of the Robotic Chassis
    • Assembling the Arduino and the Sensor
    • Making the Correct Connections
  • Interfacing a Sensor
    • Workings of an Ultrasonic Range Finder
    • The Maths behind it all
    • Writing Trigger and Reading Echo
    • Serial Monitoring the sensors reading
      • Adjusting Sensors Reading
  • Coding Review &  Troubleshooting
    • Testing the Robot

All these workshops will follow a very interactive methodology. Teaching will be conducted with the help of small activities, which will in turn build up to achieve the overall learning objectives.

Workshops We Offer

The main idea is to build future leaders by providing them basic knowledge by creating interest in relative field. Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in mind the methodologies and interest between the students.

Workshop Highlights

  • Open Source Platform
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to Debug
  • Interfacing I/O devices
  • Interfacing External Peripherals
  • Learn Advance Topics
  • Live Projects

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