Sep 16 2016

Arduino and Robotics Workshop NSBM

  • 9:00 PM
  • NSBM Green University

followed by beginners’ guideline to Arduino and Robotics. This one-day workshop will include the essentials of Arduino and its real life applications along with a complimentary session on how to build a Arduino Robot Car from scratch.

Equipment: Participants must bring their own laptops.
We’ll provide necessary electronic equipment and Arduino UNO board.

Workshop Content:

1. Intro to Arduino
2. Arduino IDE set up
3. I/O interfacing
4. Digital and Analog Read and Write
5. 10 Basic Projects
6. Make a Robot

1. Arduino UNO
2. Breadboard
3. Jumper
4. LED
5. Resistor

Register Now :
Free: (For Workshop Only)

Contacts :
072-9106770 | [email protected] (Medini)