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Getting Started with Arduino

1) Firstly we need a arduino compiler(IDE); run to download arduino compiler:

2) To run this software, your computer should have one of the following operating systems installed:

Arduino Lesson 1-1

3) after the installation has completed run the arduino compiler:

arduino lesson 1 -2

your Arduino IDE is ready to use.


4) Now we need to do select serial port Select: Tools>Serial Port

arduino lesson 1-3

5) The final step is to tell the IDE which Arduino board you have connected. Select: Tools>Board >Arduino Uno/or other

arduino lesson 1-4

Connect your Arduino to your PC with the USB cable. After a few moments an error message will be displayed, like Device driver software not successfully installed

6) IF

Navigate to the Windows Control Panel. Open the Device Manager and

scroll down until you see the Arduino

– Right-click Arduino Uno under Other Devices and select Update Driver Software.  

– select the Browse my computer for driver software

– click Browse

– Click OK

– Click Install this software anyway.

Arduino is connected.


Exploring the Arduino Board and the IDE

7) Arduino is a family of microcontrollers and physical programming platform. The most famous arduino board is Arduino UNO

Arduino Lesson 1- 5

8) Aduino Uno Detailed:

arduino uno pins - 5

9) Arduino IDE Compiler:

arduino lesson 1 - 6

10) Example Program in Arduino

Lesson 1 -Blinking LED

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