Arduino කියන්නේ කුමක්ද?

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Arduino is a family of microcontrollers and physical programming platform. The first Arduino was produced in 2005. Many programs and applications usable with arduino like : Macromedia Flash, Processing, Max/MSP, Pure Data, SuperCollider, C# …….  Can be purchased and you can easily practice. Arduino programs are written in C or C++.  Users only need define two functions to make a runnablecyclic executive program:

  • setup(): a function run once at the start of a program that can initialize settings
  • loop(): a function called repeatedly until the board powers off

A typical first program for a microcontroller simply blinks an LED on and off.  the user be able to write a program like this:

#define LED_PIN 13
void setup () {
  pinMode (LED_PIN, OUTPUT); // Enable pin 13 for digital output
void loop () {
  digitalWrite (LED_PIN, HIGH); // Turn on the LED
  delay (1000); // Wait one second (1000 milliseconds)
  digitalWrite (LED_PIN, LOW); // Turn off the LED
  delay (1000); // Wait one second (1000 milliseconds)



The most famous arduino card is arduino uno:

Arduino programming platform:

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