Arduino Board

Arduino Board


Arduino Board is a circuit board, which integrates micro controller, input, output interface and etc. Arduino
Board can use the sensor to sense the environment and receive user’s operation to control LED, motor rotation,
etc. We just need to assembly circuit and write the code

Currently, Arduino Board has several models, and the code between boards of different types is universal
(some boards may not be completely compatible because of the differences in hardware). Popular boards

Diagram of Arduino UNO board is shown below:

Digital I/O ports is used to connect to other components or modules, to receive an input signal, or to send a control signal. Usually, we name it by adding a “D” in front of the number, such as D13.

  • USB interface is used to provide power, upload code or communicate with PC.
  • LED L is connected to digital I/O port 13 (D13).
  • LED TX, RX is used to indicate the state of the serial communication.
  • DC interface is connected DC power to provide power for the board.
  • Power ports can provide power for electronic components and modules.
  • Analog I/O ports can be used to measure analog signals.
  • LED ON is used to indicate the power state.


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