Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

Arduino LCD Keypad Shield

Arduino LCD Keypad Shield V1.1 LCD Display Expansion board with LCD1602


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LCD Keypad Shield input and output expansion board using the 2-line, 16-character LCD with contrast adjustment and backlight will complete five key input by using an analog port, a reset button,  the unused IO port expansion out for spare use, making full use of the IO port. Occupancy digital port: PIN4 (DB4), 5 (DB5), 6 (DB6), 7 (DB7), 8 (RS), 9 (E), 10 (backlight control), the analog button port A0. (LCD color is not specified,  random delivery.)


Pin definitions:

Module debugging:

LCD Keypad Shield plugged into the Arduino controller, then you need to download LCD4Bit_mod.h (Right click to save) to library files arduino-0015 \ hardware \ libraries and then compile a test program to download to the Arduino, when you firstly use the LCD Keypad Shield, firstly observe if the LCD has display of character or not, if the character is not displayed that may be due to incorrect contrast, you can use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the RP1 (clockwise rotation), adjust to show clear characters.


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